polaroid photo by Andrew Windham

polaroid photo by Andrew Windham

Who Am I?
My name is Kaitlin Newman and I am a photojournalist based in Baltimore City.  I currently shoot for The Baltimore Sun, The Hippodrome Foundation and various private clients in the greater Baltimore area. I’ve been blogging for a few years now, most notably under the film and antique camera blog, 120Pearls – shameless plug here – I won a Maryland Outstanding Blog Award for Best New Blog in 2012 for it. My love for all things thrift and vintage doesn’t stop at just cameras….I love it all which is why I decided to create this little side project blog, Better Than Narnia.

I have a good eye for thrifting, even in the most unlikely of places and wanted to be able to show others how they can too. It’s not as daunting if you know what you’re looking for. My first noteworthy thrift score was a butter yellow quilted leather vintage Chanel bag I found in a bin when I was fourteen at the late pottery/handmade lampshade store, Pandora’s Box on Cross Street. It was $75. Since then I’ve kept my eyes open everywhere I go for sweet finds and nine years later I’ve ended up with a pretty full closet and a lot of experience.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and New Media Studies from Towson University.


My Style.
My style is a mix of thrift and pricier pieces (well, mostly thrift) but as much as I enjoy saving money I also enjoy spending it. I always put my money wear (<– haha, get it?) it will last in high quality, one of a kind pieces from small companies. I think that mixing things up is a good thing, I hate limiting myself to any one type of brand, price range or a certain “look”. I love supporting local companies as well as small businesses and especially ones that balance out their market with a good cause.  I strive to make every look my own and I hope with the help of this blog you will too.


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