Benefit Makeup: Yes & No

I figured I’d break my hiatus with a post on what I’ve been purchasing recently which has been makeup. I’m not one to wear a ton of crazy makeup; foundation, concealer, mascara, sometimes eyeliner if I can get the wings even on the first try. I’m a simple person when it comes to this stuff, however, that doesn’t mean I don’t know good quality when I see it. I’m definitely willing to spend a pretty penny on products that I’ll use over and over again on a daily basis.

Most recently, I’ve found myself gravitating towards the adorable packaging of the brand Benefit. I tried some of their products back in middle school but I mean, that was a good decade ago so it doesn’t count. I’ve only heard great things, so I figured I’d give them a whirl.


I love me a good face highlighter. I wear it everyday. It can really bring out your facial features as well as add some life and glow to otherwise dull, tired winter skin. It looks great on all skin colors and tones too. Benefit has two that I have tried: a pink glow called “High Beam” that comes in what looks like a nail polish jar and a bronze glow called “Watts Up” that is a push up stick.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 6.21.39 PM

High Beam is my favorite, especially with my pale skin tone. It’s not too shiny and reflects like light much like a pearl would. It’s buildable, so you can keep adding until you get the level of highlight that you want. It dries very soft and quick. The little nail polish jar that it comes in was weird at first but I’ve gotten used to it. You apply it with a little brush just like you would nail polish, except on your face. Retails for $30.00. The price seems like a lot but a little product goes a long way. Grade: A+

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 6.21.19 PM

Watts Up is a stick that has a little sponge blender on the opposite end. This can look a bit too bronze on pale skin if you aren’t wearing bronzer with it but I can see it looking really pretty on darker skin tones that the High Beam may not work as well with. It applies by swiping the stick and it dries to a powder finish with a slight sheen. It also smells pretty good. Retails for $26.00 Grade: B+

Here's a quick preview of what the High Beam highlighter looks like in window light.

Here’s a quick preview of what the High Beam highlighter looks like in window light.


Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 6.29.43 PM

Everyone has been telling me to try the “They’re Real!” mascara. I found out one of my favorite mascaras is made by a company that tests on animals, so it was time to jump ship and try something new out anyways. I have naturally long lashes to begin with but they are blonde so mascara is needed to even see them. “They’re Real” applied really easily and didn’t dry out too fast. It looks like regular mascara to me once it’s on and clumped a tiny bit. It’s really not something I would write home about to be honest and I don’t think it was worth the $23 price tag either. I’ll keep using it because it wasn’t bad or anything, it just didn’t blow my mind. Retails for $23.00. Grade: B


Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 6.32.17 PM

Same as with the mascara, I also gave Benefit’s “Push Up Eyeliner” a try too. I got it with the mascara as apart of a special promotion. I hate to say it but I HATED it. It was extremely difficult to apply: the application is not a brush but a weird, angled rubber tip that moves all over the place. The formula only glides smoothly if you push down with a good amount of force, but who wants to do that on their eye? I’m much happier with sticking to my liquid liner that glides on with the faintest touch. The consistency was a tar like substance that was really thick, making it impossible to draw a straight wing. Maybe the difficulties are in my user error but to be honest, I don’t know how anyone could prefer this over regular liquid or gel. It really baffles me that this got such great ratings from Allure when it only has a 3.5 user review rating. Retail Price is $24.00. Grade: C

Here's a comparison of my favorite drugstore liquid liner by the brand Elf (top) and the Benefit Push Up liner (bottom).

Here’s a comparison of my favorite drugstore liquid liner by the brand Elf (top) and the Benefit Push Up liner (bottom).

Bottom Line

Benefit definitely deserves my loyalty here. The highlighters were enough to make me suggest the brand to all my friends. Not every makeup brand has each type of product in the bag, so I didn’t expect to LOVE all of what I purchased. I will definitely continue to buy Benefit’s highlighters.


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