Hiatus is O-V-E-R

Oh, by the way, I have green hair now.

Oh, by the way, I have green hair now.

Wow, it has been a very, very long hiatus. Last June I took some time off from style blogging to concentrate on my photojournalism career and summer traveling. I said to myself, “I’ll only take a few weeks off, then I’ll come back!” Graduate school started, my first semester, and yeah, well, I didn’t come back. I’ve been steadily blogging on my main photo blog, 120Pearls, but I realized something was missing in my life and that was this little baby of a blog I started last February, an entire year ago from today.

After a good amount of thought I’m happy to say I’m coming back. I’ve always been a woman who appreciates the style of others especially when it’s reflected in makeup, clothing, and overall demeanor. The journalism industry is rough these days and sometimes it helps to calm my woes with a bit of retail therapy, makeup experiments and of course, writing and photographing things that interest me.

Here’s to lots of posts!



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