Why Leggings as Pants are Ok

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of hate towards the ladies that wear leggings as pants. First of all, it’s stupid to hate on someone because of a piece of clothing and second of all, leggings are the comfiest things out there. Seriously, it’s like little kittens hugging your legs at all times.

I wear my leggings as pants loud and proud. I wear them to school, on assignment, to run errands and to sleep. As long as they’re opaque (meaning not see through when you bend over) why does it matter? Big girls, curvy girls, skinny girls, tall girls, short girls, any girls look good in a nice simple pair of black leggings. If you’re bigger, they slim you down. If you’re skinnier they add some bulk. If you’re curvy they show off your shape and if you’re tall or short they make your legs look good. Oh and p.s. black tights are NOT the same thing.

In my experience I have realized that many (not all) of the girls that hate on the leggings ladies are the ones who are most insecure about themselves. Let’s be real – leggings show off a lot, they show off your shape, especially your bodacious (or not so bodacious) butt, so you have to have some amount of self-confidence in your lower half to wear them. I say this because I used to be a leggings hater myself (I used to loathe the way I looked in them and thus, everyone else too) and then I converted once I found the perfect pair made out of the right material. Now I don’t care if you wear leggings as pants and you shouldn’t care if I do either. 

I like to wear mine with longer tees or sweaters. Leggings hug EVERYTHING and the whole “camel toe” dilemma can be a little bit much. I think it looks best when that area is covered unless your leggings are made of the material that doesn’t cling. My favorite way to wear them is with a tunic top, tall socks and boots or with moccasins and a longer, slim fit hoodie and a scarf.

Things you can wear leggings with:
– Long Hoodies
– Long Sweaters
– Tunics
– Long Tees
– Button Downs
– Cardigans

Oh and to my fellows out there that like the leggings: There’s a difference between glancing and staring. I don’t blame you for glancing but for the love of god, staring makes us feel really self-conscious and awkward and uncomfortable. Don’t do it. And don’t you dare say we are “asking for it” when we wear tight clothes like leggings and guys cat call and say sexual things to us because I will verbally rip you in half. 

American Apparel $35 size medium.

American Apparel $35 size medium.

Express $80

Express $80 size small

Nasty Gal $50

Nasty Gal $50 size small

Nasty Gal $45 size small

Nasty Gal $45 size small

So these are just a rundown of what I personally like. The plain black ones are from American Apparel and are really comfortable and have a slick material…kinda like a bathing suit. They have every color you can think of…even lime green. The other ones are just ones I wear if I’m feeling loud and want to add something to an otherwise plain shirt or hoodie. Too tired/lazy to do a full outfit look with leggings. Once the weather is nicer out I’ll do one.

There are tons of awesome places to find great fitting leggings.
– American Apparel (has the biggest selection by far)
– Nasty Gal
– Express
– Pink Ice
– Forever 21
– Black Milk (awesome selection but $$$)

As far as inseams go: I’m 5’9″ and typically a 31″ inseam. I usually take a size small and they are always quite long on me in most brands.




4 responses to “Why Leggings as Pants are Ok

  1. Love this article. You are absolutely correct. Leggings look great when worn with the correct clothes. If you like them, wear them proudly….the devil to whomever disagrees. You are a perfect example of one who looks great in them. Enjoyed reading this.

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